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How to bypass reCAPTCHA V2 with metabypass?

In this blog, we will guide you through how to implement recaptcha-v2 via Metabypass service. So if you want to test and develop your recaptcha v2 don't miss this article and follow us through the end.

February 8,2023



Step 1: As always the first step is to log in to your Metabypass panel. Click create application from the drawer. In this section, you can create an application and you will also see some information that you will need subsequently as we go on. So keep in mind that the information contains on this page is very prominent.


How to use this service?

Step 2: As you see in the picture, below the remove application button, there is ‘Api documentation’. Click on it.



Step 3: Then on the next page, there is a URL. In case you need to send us any requests, you can do this through this URL. Here you can click on your requested option or for doing this you can download your postman collection instead which is faster and easier.



Step 4: Now open your postman to import files. Click Import. Then copy and choose files (.json). In ‘collection’, we have a list of Metabypass services as shown in the picture below. The most important of them all is ’Get access token’. 




Then other files contain ‘refresh token’ and 3 other Metabypass services commonly used by users are also available. As we go on you will see how these services would become helpful. 

  • As shown in the picture below, to utilize any sort of service we need Token.

Step 5: Click ‘Get access token’> go to ‘body’. Don't change ‘grant-type’. But for other parts enter your information given in the ‘create application’ section.



Step 6: Copy all the information mentioned in the ‘create application’ section. Then click ‘Send’. You will get your token. Also, a ‘refresh token’ will be available for you. But for this step, you will just need Access Token.

Step 7(for version 3): For testing recaptcha v3 go to ‘headers’>’ authorization’. Paste your token in front of “Bearer”. Then click on send. At the same moment, your response will be shown to you as soon as you send your request.




Step 7(for version 2): But for v2 services, there's a bit of a difference after receiving your token. First copy your token and go to ‘ Bypass recaptcha v2’ then click on ‘headers’. In front of ‘bearer’ paste your token. 


postman ex1.png


Step 8: Then go to ‘body’ and enter ‘sitekey’ and ‘URL’ which are needed. Click send and then get your id and copy it. 




Step 9: Now go to ‘Get recaptcha result for captcha version 2’. Then go to ‘headers’. In front of ‘Bearer’ paste your id. 


postman ex1.png


Step 10: Then click on ‘body’ enter the id and click send. Get your response. 




  • Remember for each specific service go to ‘body’, and enter all necessary information containing ‘sitekey’, ‘http’, ‘https’, and also the version you require.

That's all for how to implement and develop recaptcha v2 and v3 via Metabypass service. Thanks for following us through the end.