Text Captcha

Text Captcha

In terms of variety, text captchas are the winners. there is thousands of type of text captcha but some of them are more popular, like bot detect. Metabypass's powerful OCR engine currently can solve most popular ones in less than 0.1 seconds

Text CAPTCHA bypass and solving service

The only thing you need to pass to text-captcha's library function is the path of the captcha's image. this function first converts the image to base64 by itself and then sends a request automatically to our service.

Sample Code

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 # If you do not install the Metabypass library before, first install it through this comment below: # pip install metabypass from metabypass import MetaBypass CLIENT_ID = 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID' # ****CHANGE HERE WITH YOUR VALUE******* CLIENT_SECRET = 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET' # ****CHANGE HERE WITH YOUR VALUE******* EMAIL = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_EMAIL' # ****CHANGE HERE WITH YOUR VALUE******* PASSWORD = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD' # ****CHANGE HERE WITH YOUR VALUE******* solver=MetaBypass(CLIENT_ID,CLIENT_SECRET,EMAIL,PASSWORD) # Defining 'numeric', 'min_len', and 'max_len' is optional. Their default values are 0. captcha_response = solver.image_captcha('YOUR_CAPTCHA_IMAGE_PATH',numeric=0,min_len=0,max_len=0) print(captcha_response)